5 Crucial UX Design Trends For 2016

Crucial UX Design Trends For 2017

5 Crucial UX Design Trends For 2017

Well as with 2015, many trends will come and go, some barely even noticed by many webmasters and web designers ,but some will remain. One thing we do know for sure is that the days of cluttered pages are well and truly over. With an increased focus on the simplicity of the user interface and home or splash page.

So what will be hot and what not ?

Heres a shortlist of what I think will be five of the hottest web design trends in 2016:

  1. Line Icons & Ghost Buttons – It doesn`t look like Apple are going anywhere and with the introduction of Apple’s iOS 7, we can already see a rise in line iconography and ghost buttons.
  2. Material Design -a popular technique in UI design, and it mainly focuses on a minimal use of colour, shapes and typography, lending itself to a much easier user experience .
  3. Interactive Infographics – This latest type of infographic can contain different aspects of information. By separating the page content into multiple pages, and keeping any unnecessary  information hidden and then it will only reveal itself when the user either clicks or just hovers over that particular content. This is another function I see being big in the coming year.
  4. Full Screen Video – Although minimalism will continue to be the hot design trend for 2017 and beyond, full screen videos will continue to dominate the other end of the UX Design process.
  5. Micro-interactions – The best micro-interactions start with an understanding of the users needs, and are generally the small parts of a website or app. that we would normally just take for granted and used barely noticed. If a user logs-in to see a particular item of stock, then a good micro-interaction would be to present them with that option to see that item immediately after they have logged in.

There will obviously be changes that come along that nobody can predict, but heres  a few UX Design trends for 2017 that you can count on, and in my opinion the fundamentals for web design in the coming year will be based around these key elements of UX/UI Design.



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