UX Design Principles

7 Things You Really Should Know About UX Design

Heres 7 Things You Need to Know About UX Design

First and foremost – what is UX design ? Simply answered  ? It’s how quickly and easily a user can get from the beginning to the end of their required objective .

1. Responsive Design

Whether its a desktop ,laptop ,tablet ,or mobile phone ,the amount of different devices and gadgets that visitors use to get online has grown massively .Try to make for a smooth and seamless user experience across as many of these devices as you can .

2. Easy Navigation

Users will be looking for something in particular ,generally when they visit your website, whether its extra information ,or purchasing something ,make sure its easy to find the most important parts of your website quickly and easily. A well optimized navigation correctly set up can guide your visitors to content in the least possible number of clicks or taps of a finger .Navigation is a very important feature to the user of any website ,and is a fundamental issue in any UX Design .

3. Correct Hierarchy

Considering what a visitor might be searching for ,when they visit is only a small piece of the jigsaw puzzle .UX design  means anticipating how visitors will be searching and navigating your around the website .

4. Fixing The Glitches

Make sure that all of the links and buttons are going where they are supposed too . Making sure that all links and pages have a useful destination is another good example of UX Design ,theres nothing more annoying than waiting for a page to load to only get a 404 error page or re-directed to a special offer. Nothing will frustrate any users more than an element of the website that fails to function. Clever UX design is about finding the best way to make all of the functions are as accessible as possible and that the visitors visit has been as an enjoyable experience as is possible .

6. Easy Readability

The design is obviously very important ,but only when it reflects the purpose of the website ,and the function of giving the visitor what they were searching for ,in as easy as possible way .Always remember that every visitor is on your website to find some kind of content in paricular .

7. Visuals Still Main Priority

Users will still rely on visual objects to see exactly where to start their search .Rather than them having to randomly search through loads pages or posts ,you will want the users to be able to immediately know exactly what to click or even how to just simply click and buy your available products .

So they you go ,theres 7 Things You Need to Know About UX Design

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