advantage of having a site

Advantages Of Having A Website

Living in a large city like Birmingham has both it`s advantages and dis-advantages for a small business . With so many people there is an absolute wealth of potential customers to sell your products too , for sure , but with that wealth of potential customers there`s a downside , a wealth of other businesses selling similar products to many other businesses in the area .

This is where the advantages of having a website can really help with selling those extra products or gaining new leads . A website is available 24 hours a day , every day , and can be viewed at someones own leisure ,anywhere ! This is still a huge advantage if you want to expand your business outside of your businesses static address , so many businesses seem to have completely forgotten about the internet as a possible outlet for there goods . A website has no opening or closing times or staff hovering around making people feel rushed at closing time .

A potential client can view products carefully and search for other people`s view on different brands , they can even check your reputation as a business before making a purchase from you via Google and social media . So having a company website can really be one of the most cost effective advertising platforms available to a business , but so far seems to be so rarely used in the U.K`s second city . If you have reviews post them on a Facebook fanpage so people can easily check you up as someone who can be trusted to not only get the job done , but get done on time without problems to the client .

Once a website has been bought and paid for the only real future cost to that business is keeping the website online via one of the many hosting companies that are available , and with that costing as little as £60-£70 per year , who can argue about the cost effectiveness of the small original outlay to the company .

A website can also be a huge help with building a brand for a business and even the smallest shop can build themselves into a brand online with the help of a website , a little social media , such as Facebook ,Twitter or Instagram and online reviews . If not many businesses are online in Birmingham imagine if that site was also available to mobile searchers ? The potential is huge .

Don`t miss the boat like so many other U.K. businesses , and make sure you get your business a website online as soon as you can .

After a short consultation (usually by email or phone )Steve`s Designs in Birmingham can have your new website online within just 72 hours , get in touch and see how quick you can draw a line between you and your competition .


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I’m a web designer and front-end web developer with over 9 years of professional experience in the web design and social media industry. I specialize in creating custom web sites for businesses, focusing primarily on custom WordPress theme design and development.