Build Citations

Build Citations And Strengthen Your Website Rank

If you want to gain trust and begin to rank your business above your competitors for local searches of your products or services, then you need to think about  building citations for that business . If you build good citations ,you will strengthen your ranking !

What are citations ?

Basically citations are ads , ads that businesses have spent time listing on various ,well known business/service directories . These ads generally include all of a businesses contact details for potential clients to reach them . Obviously , if that business owner has taken the time, or the expense, to make these advertisements, then the contact details ,also know as the NAP, will be the most correct and best way to contact that business . The more of these citations ,or ads ,that can be found ,and the more respected the source they are found from ,the more the search engines ,such as Google and Bing ,can trust that these details are likely to be true .

For a citation to really help with your local ranking position in search engine results , it’s important that all the details that are used exactly matches the NAP (name address and postcode)on your website and on your Google+ Local page, on every single citation posted .A partial citation is a listing that only includes part of the NAP,the name and phone number or name and address ,possibly. That is still good ,but not as beneficial as a full citation with a matching address ,phone number ,website address ,email address and possibly one or two photo`s .

To build citations for your business has became more important over recent years ,as search engines have tried to supply the user, with not only the best result to the original search string as possible, but also began filtering out as many unsavoury webmasters as possible  and to do this certain aspects are considered ,such as varying addresses and bad reviews.

Reviews from genuine customers about your business can be added to most of these directories and would therefore add huge weight to these listings in the eyes of any search engine or human being alike.  So it would be a good idea to try to direct some of your customers to add their personal review of what you have to offer to any future customer that may happen across your listing in the future.

If you would like to build citations and strengthen your website rank, Moz have a great article here Where to Get Citations to Improve Your Local Search Engine Rankings that covers the subject in much finer detail than I can .

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