Common Mistakes When Building A Website

Common Mistakes When Building A Website

What Are The Common Mistakes When Building A Website

As most of us already know, Google has spent alot of time updating its algorithms to try to make a more user-friendly, content rich, browsing experience for its users and so rewarding websites that provide that great user experience. These changes have made web designing an even more critical role in how it will rank a website in it`s search results, ensuring that businesses and web designers alike, want to make sure they are providing as best an experience as possible and avoiding these mistakes.

Mobile search`s surpassed desktop search`s in 2015, and because of this, Google will now punish webmasters for not having a mobile version of their website or a responsive theme .That will mean missing out on any search engine traffic that you could get from the people who are completing a search while on a mobile device, which can add up to a substantial  amount of traffic, and lost revenue .

Google also now looks at the topic of a page, meaning that you can rank a single page for several of your desired keywords. A good web designer should already know this and not be adding hundreds of pages to just to target different variations of a single phrase or search term.

Even if your Web designer is not an SEO expert, a few basic steps such as making sure each page has a unique and descriptive title and meta description can really help in any search engine strategy you maybe be hoping to employ once your website is live. Try to make sure the page titles coincide`s with the keyword goals of your website.

Schema Markup makes it easier for Google`s spiders to understand the information on your website. As Google continues to evolve and seeks to give users faster access to information, having proper markup will increase the chance of your site being placed highly in their SERP results.

Oversized images can also be a major factor in lost rank positions when Google  inspects the load time of a website. Any images that are not properly optimized can really cause problems in any plans you may have for having a fast website. Many images used in web design are of a much higher resolution than is needed on a website, but this will only cause more problems in the long run .

While researching for this article I found a perfect example of a well known website with a great article on it, where absolutely no attention has been paid to the user and I decided to use the screenshot as my featured image. See what i mean here at Business Computing World

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