Get Free Google Tag Manager Essential Training

Google Tag Manager Essential Training

Get Free Google Tag Manager Essential Training

Google Tag Manager is another new technology that will allow web masters and online marketers to manage their own website analytics. As well as being able to track users habits ,help with campaign tracking, and even remarketing .Tag Manager will free online marketers from depending on their web-developers ,if the administrator wants to add or alter anything or adda snippet of tracking code ,anyone with basic knowledge will be able to add it for  themselves .

Google themselves do do a basic introduction called  Google Tag Manager Fundamentals , theres also a help centre here and is a good way to learn the functions .

The course below will give you the skills to get you up and running with Google Tag Manager .

The course itself explores how to go about setting up a Tag Manager account and then how to get to grips with things like adding containers ,using the turnkey tags ,how to create rules and macros ,control any user access ,debug tags ,customise tags and even adding code to capture analytic events .

Topics include:
Creating an account and container
Installing containers
Using built-in tags from Analytics, ClickTale, and other services
Working with variables
Firing events with triggers
Creating versions
Using custom tags
Implementing a data layer


Anyone that is hoping to learn Web Design or UI/UX skills will want to know how to manage their own Google Tag Manager accounts ,and this course is a great place to start .

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