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Removing Footer Links In Customizr Theme

Easy Way Of Removing Footer Links In Customizr Theme

So you`ve installed the free version of Customizr and your stuck on how to remove the credits in the footer ? Even after checking out the footer.php file ?

Well i love using the theme ,it`s so versatile ,and its one of the most ever downloaded WordPress theme`s ,ever .

All the same ,what if you really cannot afford to buy the upgrade or don`t feel to shell out $49 on the pro version ,although no doubt the developers have to make a living ,but when its so easy to create a child theme for yourself .

I thought Id write a quick tutorial on how to remove the footer credit links in the free version of Customizr ,by either creating your own child theme ,or there`s also the option of downloading a ready made child theme for Customizr bu sharing a simple child theme I developed so that anyone wanting to simply just upload the rar file provided in their WordPress dashboard .Here`s the Github link to download the ready made child theme .

How To Create A Child Theme For Customizr To Remove Footer Credits

You need to create a folder and a couple of files ,pretty easy as long as you have access to your server ,either by admin access or ftp and notepad .
First ,either log into your file manager or connect via your ftp FTP client and create a new folder in the themes directory. You can name it whatever you wish ,although I would recommend just childtheme and without any spaces or special characters in the child theme folder name.

Create a style.css file in the folder and copy and paste the following code in it.       /*
Theme Name: Child Theme For Customizr
Theme URI:
Description: My Own description
Author: Myself
Author URI:
Template: customizr
Version: 1.0.0

Next you will be creating a file that will only over ride the one function that we are unhappy with in the original version of the theme ,and that is to remove the footer credits and add our own links to our website or blog . Every other command will come from the parent .Vreate a file in the same folder called functions.php and add this

add_filter('tc_credits_display', 'my_custom_credits', 20);
function my_custom_credits(){
$credits = '';
$newline_credits = '';
return '

· © ‘.esc_attr( date( ‘Y’ ) ).’ .esc_attr(get_bloginfo()).’ · ‘.($credits ? $credits : ‘Developed by Example.Com’).’ ·’.($newline_credits ? ‘
· ‘.$newline_credits.’ ·’ : ”).’

and save .

Now go to your themes in WordPress and activate your child theme .Check your footer just to make sure your hard work has paid off ,and there you go ,you`ve removed the footer credits in Customizr without buying the pro version .

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