Reward Your Returning Customers

Rewarding Your Returning Customers

Reward Your Returning Customers

A Few Ways To Reward Your Loyal Customers

As most of us know ,every business knows they need returning custom  to survive ,they are the life blood of any long standing business .Sometimes rewarding these loyal customers in some small way is a good move ,at least if you wish to keep them coming back to you for more .Think about how you go back to the same newsagents day after day ,just because they remember your name or what brand of cigarettes you smoke ,its basic customer relations and what we expect from a store owner is precisely what your customers are going to be expecting from you at your place of business ,so when you can ,try to please your returning customers as though they were visiting you at your place of business .

Although it may seem to cut slightly into your profit margin ,in the short term ,in the long run you will certainly reap the long term rewards .People love to feel appreciated ,especially when spending their hard earned cash .See if you can afford to offer them a free gift or a discount for repeat orders ,subscribe them to your email list , at least you can send them monthly deals that only subscribers would receive .

Offer them some kind of generous affiliate deal if they can send some custom your way, maybe just a mention to their own friends or customers could bring you a trickle of work through .

Try implementing one or more of the tips in the infographic above when you can ,at first this will probably be a difficult thing to do ,so be imaginative if necessary ,and think of the least cost offer possible ,free postage maybe an idea ,if you can make a good deal with your delivery service it maybe an way too make sure you keep your customers regularly coming back for more great deals .

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