Use My Mozcast Weather Widget

Use My Mozcast Weather Widget

Find Out If Googles Kicking Up A Storm & Use My Mozcast Weather Widget

Most webmasters and seo`s  are constantly chattering away about how the Google lastest updates have affected them in one way or another, either by altering the way a web designer builds the template of the site, to which type of typography will please their ever changing algorithm, to the seo who has to anticipate a new strategy to either compensate for lost rankings, to changing their link building techniques. Even a business website can directly loose sales if its decided by a search engine that the site is now all of a sudden too spammy, or the layout of the site has gone out of fashion. But by the time they are generally talking about fixing these issues the storm has already passed over head. Moz have realised a fun tool to see how Google is behaving right now, by showing the changing patterns when an update is taking place, as a weather report.  Its a tool called Mozcast, from, obviously ,Moz , and you can find out all about it here MozCast  at the official site or get the code from them to add your own widget somewhere, or, of course your welcome to just use my mozcast weather widget and save you adding any coe to your own website .

Weather provided by MozCast

MozCast is an experiment in tracking the “weather” patterns of the Google algorithm. While big updates like Panda and Penguin get a lot of press, Google revealed that they made 516 changes in 2010, and all evidence suggests that pace of those updates has continued to this day .What we notice in our traffic stats is barely the tip of the iceberg .MozCast was designed to help you keep track of the day-to-day changes in the Google algorithm.

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