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UX Design Tips For Your Mobile App

Are you thinking about having a mobile app built for your business ?

Have you thought about a design plan ?

They may seem like funny questions ,but just as you would make a plan of how your website should look ,just as much thought must now be put into your mobile visitors .With that in mind heres a few good UX Design tips if you are planning on developing an app.

So what would you need to think about differently from a website build to adding an app ?

Simpler type is much easier to read on the smaller screen ,particularly against back lighting and now web designers are going for thicker stroke lettering and bolder type .Size is also an important factor to consider into your plans .Most app. designs are incorporating splash screens using over sized type on home pages with nice bold lettering ,set against a contrasting background so as to help the user both engage better and also to navigate around the app .Use a single colour with black and white accents as a nice way to create extra visual interest on the smaller screen sizes for your users ,and try to use a bright, bold colour to make whats important on your app easier to find and read ,so as to make it stand out more .

Micro-interactions are something I`ve  mentioned before and should be designed to help the user to perform a particular action .It could be a text message notification or a social media “like” button ,but these are the parts of your app. the are extra pieces designed in to please your user .

Hidden menus, pop-out navigation and buttons are a big deal .Home screen navigation is now start to dwindle and pretty well every Ux designer is now moving towards a hidden style of navigation to make the most of every inch of available on-screen space .

Also worth thinking about is you can’t account for where your users will even access your app. although if they are on a mobile device there`s a high chance it will be while they are on the move in some fashion and you can never know what kind of internet connection they may have ,if you are adding any animation to your app, it would be a good idea to build in animations that are lightweight and don’t rely yo heavily on the internet connection .

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