Want To Update Your Own Website ?

At Steve`s Designs , I understand that not everyone wants to be at the mercy of a wed design agency ,every time they need an update . Especially after they have already paid out good money for their website , to then only to be told that there are extra charges for changes or updates .

So if that sounds like you ,but your not particulary a skilled webmaster I recommend using one of the Responsive CMS websites , based on WordPress , not only are they much easier too look after and update , they are way way cheaper to build , and completely re-design .

For whatever reason you have , you may want to have complete control over your website , and who could blame you when you consider what a web designer would charge you for any updates , even in a small city like Birmingham ,  a web design agency could easy charge you £30-£50 an hour . just to add something new or even just to delete something .

The beauty of these sites is it not only gives you an admin panel that`s easy to access and even easier to understand , there`s literally thousands of plug-ins  (add-on`s)that can be added right at the click of a button , that can add pretty well any extra you could dream of . From social sharing , to website security , to auto-updating and visitor statistics ,booking forms to Skype or gaining subscribers . So , as soon as you take over your website , it`s you that will be the webmaster , not someone else . It`ll be you who says how it looks and how often new items or posts can be added to it . You will be able to see where your traffic is actually coming from and how many people are visiting your site per hour , week or even by the month . You can do much more than just update your own website , once you get hang of how it all works .

The only thing I keep a hold of at Steve`s Designs is a back up copy of the site as is , the day you take over the control of it , just in-case , at least this way you can also have the peace of mind that if the worst thing were to happen , the site could be recovered , even if its a little out dated by then , your site can fairly easily be re set back to the first day you owned it , now you don`t get that sort of peace of mind with any other type of website .

At Steve`s Designs Birmingham , I like to think I already have all the bases covered , so you don`t need too .


About Steve

I’m a web designer and front-end web developer with over 9 years of professional experience in the web design and social media industry. I specialize in creating custom web sites for businesses, focusing primarily on custom WordPress theme design and development.